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Is it good for the eyes to sleep with a silk eye mask?

May 25, 2020

There are actually many types of masks, the most common ones are sleeping blindfolds to help you sleep better. There are also steam eye masks to help you whiten and maintain your skin. There are even negative ion eye masks, which can eliminate eye bags and reduce facial nerve pain. With the development of the times, people's requirements for their quality of life will only increase. Just like an exam, the mask may not be a "mandatory question", but it is undoubtedly a "plus point question" in your life. A high-quality sleep, a simple sleep mask can help you achieve. In a dark environment, the human body secretes a five-finger called melatonin to help you promote sleep and achieve better sleep quality. Now many office workers want a simple sleep during lunch break, just a sleep mask. Recommend you our silk goggles.

Luxury sleep mask (2)

The material of mulberry silk is light and breathable, which is comfortable and hygroscopic. Can keep your skin's moisture balance well. An adjustable elastic band allows you to adjust to your personal size, comfortable to wear. Convenient and easy to carry, the fabric of mulberry silk is less prone to wrinkling. 

If you are a woman who loves beauty, more styles with different colors and patterns are available for you to choose.