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In the warm spring, how can you less a fashionable and tasteful scarves?

Feb 25, 2019

The thick warm scarf and woolen cap of the winter warmth are not enough to support the sunny sunshine. It's time to put on a gentle temperament scarf to create your own feminine temperament.

spring silk scarf

Don't look at the scarves that seem to be just wearing small objects. Once you use them, you can create gentle, elegant and noble temperament in an instant!

spring silk scarves

Audrey Hepburn, known for his elegance, can find traces of scarves in many classic styles!

silk scarf

Simply tied to the neck, you can put the V-neck out of the sense of dignity.

silk scarves

Even as a headscarf tied to the head and wearing sunglasses, there is a sense of high-level that is difficult to cover.

silk spring scarf

It is because of her classic interpretation that more and more scarves are in the streets of these years.


Like Hepburn, it is used as a hair band in the hair, with a silk top and a full bohemian feel.


The same scarf + sunglasses, but can also express the cool street feeling!