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Important points for washing silk pajamas

Jun 18, 2020

1. When washing silk pajamas, the clothes must be turned over. Dark silk clothes should be washed separately from light colors;

2. Sweaty silk clothing should be washed immediately or soaked in clean water, and should never be washed with hot water above 30 degrees;

3. Please use special silk cleaning products for washing, avoid alkaline detergents, soaps, washing powder, or other detergents. Never use disinfectant, let alone soak in the washing products;

4. Ironing should be done when 80% is dry, and it is not suitable to spray water directly, and the back of the garment should be ironed, and the temperature should be controlled between 100-180 degrees.

5. After washing, spread it flat and dry it in a cool place. Do not expose it to the sun;

6. Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo in clean water (use the same amount as silk detergent), put it in silk clothes and rub it gently after cleaning, because the hair also contains a lot of protein and silk fabrics are also.

7. When there are more than two colors on the clothes, it is better to do the color fade test, because the color fastness of the silk clothes is relatively low, the simple method is to soak a light-colored towel on the clothes for a few seconds and wipe gently Once, if the silk underwear is dyed on the towel, you can't wash it, you can only dry clean it; secondly, you should dry clean the silk chiffon and satin clothes.