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how to wrap hair with scarf

Jul 21, 2018

Headscarves are an easy way to make a fashion statement, keep your hair out of your face, or help keep you warm. They are also worn with religious significance out of modesty. There are endless styles to use with a headscarf. Tying a headscarf can be done with in a top knot, with a hair tie, or simply by wrapping it loosely.

1、Put your hair up. Make a bun and put it on top of your head. Use a pony tail holder and make it a large bun. The bigger the bun, the more character your top knot will have.If you have very short hair, you can use a small ponytail on the top of your head. This will add volume to your top knot.


2、Line it up. Without folding your head scarf, take it horizontally and find the center of the edge. Look down, leaning your head, and line up the center on bottom of your hair line. You can use the top of your spine, if you’d like, as a reference point. The scarf will be over the top of your head and covering your face at this point.

3、Wrap it tightly around your head. Taking the ends and coming up over your ears, gather the scarf at the top of your forehead. Be sure to gather all the fabric into this point.

4、Twist the fabric tightly. Twist the fabric very tightly from this point until the twist is an inch long. This will be exponentially easier if you use both hands to make this twist.

5、Use your bun. From the twist, loosen the scarf and put it back over the top of your bun. Gather the scarf, once again, behind the bun.

6、Twist the rest of the scarf. Tightly twist the rest of your headscarf into a long tail. Once again, you should use both hands for this.

7、Surround your bun. Wrap the scarf tightly around your bun until there is approximately 2 inches left. Wrap these two inches of fabric around the twists that are surrounding your bun. This will secure your headscarf.