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How to wear the headband

Feb 13, 2020

The first:

1. Use a comb to smooth your hair, use a towel to make a hair band, and wrap the folded hair band around your forehead.

2. Cross pull the hair band at the root of the hair to keep the hair band fit and adjust the position of the hair band.

3. After adjusting the position, tie the hair band and fix it with a clip.

4. Put down all the hair again and adjust the fluffiness.

The second:

1. Reserve the bangs first, then tie all the hair into a ponytail with rubber bands, then wrap it into a ball shape and fix it with a small black hair clip, and then put on the prepared striped hair band.

2. Easily pull your hair out of the hair band with your hands to create a sense of casual fashion.

3. Finally, the overall adjustment is a little bit more complete.

The hair band is used to fix the hair and is more decorative. There is no fixed range of materials. Lace, silk, fur, and colored cloths are all available. There is no limitation on the length, width and width. Look at personal face, aesthetics and preferences when matching. The headband not only completes a complete set of clothing, but also reveals the contours of the face, making the shape and facial features neat and fashionable.

The hair band is used to fix the hair of children or adults. It plays a decorative role and can change the whole person's mental temperament. If you want a silk hair band, please feel free to refer to our website.  WWW.hundredscarf.com