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How to wear scarves

Dec 18, 2018

Many small partners have scarves to know how to wear them, and there are many ways to wear them. Teach everyone today, learn it! Don't even wear a scarf!

Hanging around the neck

You don't need any tricks or tricks, just put your scarf around your neck to give extra points. Although simple, it is definitely called the utility coefficient and the beauty coefficient No.1.


Winding half circle

If you don't like the two hem hem to be placed in front, you can also use a half circle around you.

This kind of encirclement seems to be deeply loved by the literary youth, but also reveals a calm and restrained temperament. One side of the big scarf is arbitrarily wrapped around the oversize coat, and there is no sense of fashion in the casual.


You can also be handsome and wear a windy open air field.


Circle/basic enclosure

Simply wrapping a scarf around your neck is one of the most common ways to wear a scarf. This method not only keeps warm max, but also enriches the sense of layering. Don't need to wrap too tightly, just loosely wrapped around a circle is very temperament.


The two paragraphs of the hanging down scarf do not need to deliberately pursue symmetry. Like the blogger Paulien Riemis, they like the one-length and long-length laps on both sides, which is more casual and lazy.


Two circles and one knot

The female pig's feet in the Korean drama often wear scarves like this. The bride's gold-clad silver in Cassie's favorite Korean drama "Ghosts" is such a scarf.

This kind of enclosure is not only the most airtight, but also special! do not! Show! face! small!

Method: Wrap around the neck for two laps, and finally make a knot ok ~ casual and fashionable.


Adding a belt on the basis of the shoulder-shoulder method, there are legs and legs and goods!


It is said that the weather is cold, it is time to find a male ticket to warm hands.

But! As an independent and self-reliant woman in the 21st century, I am! No boyfriend! It doesn't matter! A nice and practical scarf can help me "crash" the cold air!

Are you ready for this warm winter coat this winter?