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How to wear men's scarf

Dec 24, 2018

1,Take a circle

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Loose around the neck, the two hanging down on the chest.

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▲ fashion blogger Galla three bursts. The color of the scarf is carefully selected, echoing one of the colors of the clothes.

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▲This method is suitable for the long scarf of light cotton material in spring and summer, and it is a hippie casual style with a short coat.

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Remember to be too tight, just loosely put your neck on your neck. A wider scarf can also try this type of wearing. If the color and top of the scarf are the same color, it will look comfortable, but it is more difficult to grasp. Like the picture on the map is the popular Groutfits (Grey+Outfits), the high-grade gray of the hipster star, wearing a gray, in line with the fashion world. The trend of minimalism.

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