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How to wear a silk scarf?

Mar 22, 2019

Spring is coming, the scarves are going to be dispatched. Many people buy silk scarves are the most casual. When you see discounts and hear the subway aisle, you can’t help but buy and buy, which is cheaper! really? In fact, the correct way to open is like this, the silk scarf is closest to the face, most negligible! Professional staff can also use silk scarves to save the unsuitable overall match. The main points to buy silk scarves are: First, the color must be used according to your own color rules. Unsuitable colors are used on scarves, but disastrous disfigurement, patterns must be Choose whether you are suitable for big flowers or broken flowers. Whether it is lattice or stripes, it is very particular. It has a close relationship with the style of your own classification. It must not be casual. The size of the scarf is small and thin. In principle, according to your own usage habits. To choose, but the size of the body that can be worn is definitely not absolutely related. The mushroom cold always pays attention to the function of wearing clothes. It looks good but can't discard the kinetic energy. This is one of the tricks to save money. Like a mushroom, I prefer Modal in summer. Or chemical fiber fabrics, do not like small, silk difficult to wait for another discussion, summer can use silk scarves to resist air conditioning, and an important thing is to sculpt the shape, add some flat t-shirts, add highlights, here to see Introduce a few different ways to use, let you instantly become fashionable.


slik scarf

For teenagers, fashion, girls, or smaller bodies, you can use narrow squares. Scarves or diamond knots are a good choice.

Elegant, classical, need to be refined and can refer to the above.

slik scarf

Natural, romantic, dramatic or fat ladies can consider the above, but also can extend the face area, thin, but the pattern, color must be the most suitable for choosing yourself, otherwise it will be difficult to large areas.

It can also be used to decorate the bag, and it is also a good highlight on the wrist. It must have a perfect date with the clothes and the whole, otherwise it will be a superfluous addition.

slik scarf