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How to wear a scarf

May 27, 2020

Wearing scarves, especially silk scarves, is really knowledge. How many ways to wear a scarf, no one dared to lie. The designer will show you how to wear these kinds of scarves freshly, adding some special decorations, such as scarves and long pearl necklaces. There are easy-to-learn ways to get started, and some novel and special fever skills. After being twisted, folded, and twisted, these exquisite scarves become an excellent decoration in the hands. Follow our steps to learn the skills of wearing a scarf, so that your autumn is also full of coolness and warmth.

A. A long scarf can also be so small, wrap it twice around the neck, and tie it.

B. The perfect combination of scarf and necklace looks a bit complicated, but it works very well.

C. Choose a square scarf and fold it into regular scallops. Slightly iron with an iron to shape. Fasten it with a silk scarf.

D. The square is folded diagonally and twisted at the corner. Swivel button. Hide the buckle and arrange it.

E looks simple to wear, in fact, the beauty is to emphasize the volume and integrity of the silk knot. First fold the silk scarf into long strips, make a common knot, and then put the left and right scarf corners out of the knot.

F. The long silk scarf hanging on the chest is a bit similar to the method of men's tie. The difference is that there is a necklace that makes the eyes look more charming.