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How to wash wool scarf, how to maintain?

Mar 28, 2019

How to wash the wool scarf:

1. Keep away from washing powder. Cleaning wool scarves must be cleaned with water or wool special detergent. Do not use washing powder. Washing powder is a strong alkaline detergent that can easily corrode your wool scarf!

2. Control the soaking time. Wash the wool scarf to grasp the washing time, generally soak for three or five minutes, and squeeze it by hand while soaking, so that the attached dirt can be washed off.

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix. The wool scarf is light, soft, warm and slippery. Its fragile "little life" can not withstand the tossing of other fabrics, so it is also cleaned separately, which also avoids dyeing the fabrics.

4. Dehydrate with a net bag. If you want the scarf to be quickly dehydrated, you can put it in the washing machine, but only if you add a net bag to your wool scarf, so as to avoid being damaged by the washing machine.

5, can not be exposed to the sun. Washed wool scarves are still very particular, you need to flatten it, and then naturally dry, there is no place to have a big sun, wool is not only easy to lose luster after exposure, but also easy to break.

wool scarf

How to maintain the wool scarf:

Rule 1: Don't put it with clothing

Wool scarves and clothes are easy to be pulled by the zipper and buttons on the clothes. When not wearing a scarf, it is best to roll the scarf into a "sushi" shape and put it into the drawer.

Rule 2: Ironing Modulation Medium Temperature

Wool scarves can't withstand high temperature ironing, MM hot scarf should not adjust the iron to medium temperature, before spraying, you need to spray water mist on the scarf, spread the wet white gauze piece, while ironing along the latitude and longitude of the scarf. Will not make the scarf deformed.

Rule 3: Don't hang

Wool material is easy to be wormed, and it is light and easy to deform, so it should not be suspended during normal maintenance, but should be stacked separately to keep it dry and ventilated!

Rule 4: Wear to avoid friction

The wool fibers are slender and soft, and the MMs are easily damaged when the wool scarf is out. Usually pay attention to reduce friction with harder things, such as sleeves and table tops, sleeves and sofa armrests, friction between the back and the sofa.

The cleaning method and maintenance method of the wool scarf are introduced here. Remember these methods and you can take care of your wool scarf in the future.