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How to wash the scarf of different materials?

Aug 08, 2019

We all know that clothes that are not worn for a long time must be washed first, otherwise bacteria and moisture will enter the body. Then the question comes, how to wash the scarf of different materials in the home?

1.Silk scarf

When washing a silk scarf, it is not advisable to soak it in cold water for a long time, preferably five to ten minutes. Neutral detergent can be used for washing. It should not be washed with alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or other detergent. It is even more difficult to use disinfectant.

Washed silk scarves, preferably with water to dry, and dry, can not be exposed to the sun, which can prevent the strength and color fastness of the fiber. When the clothes are 80% dry, they can be removed, so that the silk scarf after drying is soft to the touch and not easy to fade.

Long chiffon scarf,50x160cm

2. 100% mulberry silk scarf

Do not wash with hot water above 30 °C, and do not mix with other clothes. Do not use vigorous sputum when washing hands, but use a bubble to wash, the method should be very gentle, but also pay attention not to soak for a long time.

Silk scarves are not suitable for washing with washing powder and soap, which will make the silk scars yellow and hard. For washing, use an acidic detergent or a light alkaline detergent. You can use a silk-based detergent, such as silk or the like, or you can wash it with a mild neutral detergent.

long silk scarf,Mulberry silk,180x90cm

3. Wool scarf

Soak the woolen scarf in cold water for about three minutes. The water temperature is best around 35 °C. Be careful to spread the water over the scarf. Then gently rinse with a soft washing liquid or wool special detergent, taking care not to wash.

Due to the loose structure of the wool scarf, care should be taken during washing and use to avoid nails and sharp objects. If only one yarn is hooked, it can be flattened in the warp and weft direction or rounded with a fine needle.