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How to wash silk ties by hand

Feb 20, 2020

Silk tie is made of fragile fabric. If ink, coffee, or juice stains the silk tie, those stains are difficult to wash off, and often they will stay on the silk tie forever. Even if those stains can be washed away, the cleaning process will damage the silk tie and affect its appearance. This is particularly noticeable on silk tie. Therefore, you should carefully protect the silk tie from the beginning to prevent it from staining it.

If you unfortunately soil your silk tie, you can use paper towels or a handkerchief to press it against the stain and blot the juice out. Remember not to wipe those stains, as this will expand the scope of the stains. You can try to wipe the stain gently with a wet towel to see if you can remove it, and then use a hairdryer to dry the wet place. Note that the hair dryer should not be taken too close to the silk tie, as the high temperature will damage the fabric.

If the above method is unsuccessful, you can try washing the silk tie by hand with water.


1. Washing with water may cause shrinkage of silk ties.

2. Do not wash silk ties in the washing machine to avoid deforming the silk ties.

First immerse the stain in water, then gently wipe the stain with your hand. If you want to use a cleanser, make sure it is mild and try it on the back of the silk tie (or other places where the silk tie will not be seen) to see if it will wash off the color or damage of the silk tie Fabric.