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How to use silk scarves on the beach

May 31, 2019

The beach is a special place, temperature, humidity, and sunlight are different. Walking on the beach, the clothing is also determined by the specific environment. Therefore, the silk scarf worn on the beach not only requires beautiful appearance, but also has the effect of protecting the skin. Let's take a look at some of the popular silk scarves in summer beaches!

 Sandy, chiffon fabrics are perfect for a quiet beach environment. Multi-layered skirts, flowing fabrics and silky silk scarves allow you to enjoy the beach. On the beach, many women like to wear silk scarves as tops. For example, two silk scarves can be tied together or draped over them to form a simple and fashionable silk scarf. The most popular on the beach is the large scarves of large squares, long strips and square silks. Wrap it on your head, when the sun is strong, you can shade; when the waves are big, you can block the wind; when you are not using it, it can be used as an ornament on the bag, so that the bag can have the seaside style immediately.

To make the silk scarf show the style on the beach, use a pair of shiny silk scarves to tie the bows together, then use a silk scarf to fully wrap the head, and then put the tied bow on the head. The enthusiasm of this decoration is a huge contrast to the cool seaside style.

The choice of silk color often reflects a person's mood, red and yellow, representing active, passionate, brave, love, and health. The combination of blue and white, silver and white represents eternal, truth, truth, prison, and calm. Whether in the choice of the color or the choice of style, we must highlight the style of the beach. On the beach, while playing and playing, use silk scarves to make yourself a swimsuit silk scarf that is chic and novel, you can immediately become a beautiful scenery on the beach.