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How to tie the scarf on the bag?

Feb 18, 2020

Bags are the beloved thing of many women, and the matching and selection of bags have become a compulsory course for everyone. Today I want to introduce to you, why do you tie a silk scarf on the bag? How to tie the silk scarf on the bag?

Why wear a scarf on the bag

Women's bags are tied with scarves, mainly to increase the color matching effect, increase the richness of their accessories and attract more attention. Of course, the silk scarf can also be used to tie it around the neck. If you don't want to continue to tie it, you can take it off and tie it on the bag. The main purpose is to increase the charming and enchanting feeling of women and attract more attention to increase self-enchantment and beauty. It also makes the bag more collocation, and even echoes the clothing and accessories.

How to tie the scarf on the bag

This method is also very simple, it only needs to be tied and fixed at both ends of the scarf. The color of the scarf is also eclectic. The white bag naturally matches the silk scarf of any color. And brightly colored bags can also be matched with the silk scarf that echoes it. For example, a fluorescent red bag can be paired with a silk scarf with a fluorescent red print, while a blue bag can be paired with a blue and white porcelain pattern scarf, and so on.

Scarves are a woman's favor, but also a bag's favor. The old bag can use a silk scarf to give it a new transformation, new life, or you can doodle on it, draw a bag that belongs only to you, or use other accessories to make the bag show a different charm. Fashion is not only an aesthetic vision of clothing style, but also a cherished attitude to clothing accessories.