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How to save a scarf

Sep 30, 2019

A good method can be used to make the silk scarf not need to be used directly: you can use the hanger of the hanging suit pants to fold the silk scarf into a directly usable style, then hang it with a hanger and fix it with a clip. You can use a small storage drawer made of cardboard, the width is 30 cm, and the silk scarf is folded into 1/4 and then collected.

Scarves are used for a longer period of time, but sometimes they need to be stored for a long time. There are also two methods of preservation: First, the core of the wrap film is used to fold the scarf on the core of the wrap, which does not take much. Space also prevents wrinkles, so that scarves such as scarves can be well preserved. Second, you can use the laundry bag to cover the scarf to avoid dust adsorption.

Some scared scarves will knot after a long time, and you should pay attention when collecting. First, before storing, comb the ears on the scarf, do not pull it hard, and use the steam iron steam to straighten the ears on the scarf. Friends who like to wear shawls can arrange the hanging ears and wrap them in aluminum foil. Be careful to carefully wrap the scarf with a breathable tissue to prevent the scarf from becoming moldy.