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How to prevent wool scarf from pilling

Sep 03, 2019

Wool scarves are very warm items in winter, but one thing that is unsatisfactory is that it is very easy to pilling. What should I do if I look at the wool scarf?

The wool scarf balloon is very normal, we can use a special sweater to remove the ball directly. First, the wool scarf is laid on the table, after tightening, and then the price goes to the ball switch to open, so that you can easily remove the small ball on the scarf, super convenient.

Is the wool scarf pilling normal?

Wool scarves are soft and delicate because they contain cashmere fibers, so the fibers are easy to pilling during the rubbing process. In fact, wool scarf is a very normal phenomenon, so don't worry too much.

How to prevent pilling from wool scarf

1. When wearing a wool and cashmere scarf, it is recommended to wear a smooth fabric coat, or the neckline is relatively smooth, so it is not easy to rub the ball.

2. When cleaning, you can wash it with silk hair, just a little bit, and gently wash it a few times when cleaning, so that the softness of the washed scarf is high, it is easy to pilling.

How to maintain wool scarf

First, the wool scarf is very fragile and easy to rub the ball. Therefore, after placing it, try not to put it with the clothes. The zipper or button on the clothes is easy to scrape the scarf.

Secondly, it is recommended to roll the wool scarf into a sushi shape and put it directly into the drawer of the wardrobe so that it is not easy to be scraped.

Third, when ironing wool scarf, the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the fiber, easy to deform and not warm.