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How to match triangle scarf

Nov 06, 2019

1. Shoulder type: Place the right angle of the triangle scarf on the left arm, and fix the two acute angles on the right shoulder with a scarf. This method is a good choice for women with good shape and straight waist skirts and skirts.

2, hanging shoulder type: The triangle scarf around the shoulder slightly around the chest knot. If you add a color floral ornament or a pin to embellish it, the taste of dignity and luxury will jump out.

3. Bib type: The two sharp corners of the triangle scarf are bypassed from the back of the neck, and then knotted in front of the neck, neat and uniform. This system is so similar in general work-like situations that it gives a sense of skill.

4, Butterfly type: put a triangle scarf on the shoulders of the two corners, then hit a bow on the chest, the knot is slightly hidden. This kind of system is hidden and delicate, gentle and cute, can be matched with simple business wear, and should not be matched with the fancy and unassuming accessories.