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How to match a silk scarf can easily increase the fashion degree of dressing?

May 27, 2020

The difference between scarves, scarves, and shawls, scarves are very thin and thin, generally used in summer, scarves are thick, generally used in winter, and shawls are almost a bit like clothes, but all year round Suitable for use. The area of scarves is smaller than that of scarves. The area of scarves is similar to that of shawls. Scarves and shawls can be used with each other. Scarves and shawls are mostly used for decoration, while the scarf keeps warmer than decoration.

Silk scarves are suitable for spring, autumn and summer, and are worn around the neck to match clothing and serve as a decorative item. Different shapes, rich colors, and many styles, suitable for people of different ages. These include scarves similar to those of flight attendants and bank staff.

The scarf is more suitable for autumn and winter. It is a long strip, triangle, square, etc. around the neck. Wool material, chiffon material, silk material, cotton, and linen material, fabrics are usually used to keep warm. And wear. Including cotton, wool, cashmere, etc., has a warming effect.

Scarf method (female)

Mature and elegant strip knot: Fold the long silk scarf in half to an appropriate width, wrap one loop at the neck and one loop at the neck, and cross knot at the tail to adjust the elasticity to achieve a natural effect. This is the best method of conciseness without losing beauty. Suitable for business informal gatherings.

Quiet and beautiful bowknot: Fold the small square scarf popular this season into a triangle to reveal the two corners of the shoulder, and then tie a bowknot on the chest to expand the flower shape and hide the knot a little. If you want to embellish it with a beautiful scarf, you should choose a long scarf. From a distance, it looks like a dancing butterfly and flowers, and the top with a lower collar plays an ingenious supplement. Suitable for dating and informal parties.

Enthusiastic Baotou knot: Fold the scarf in a big triangle to wrap a part of the head and forehead. Cross the two knots at the back of the neck. Tie them together after crossing again. Organize the shape and let the hair fall naturally with the ribbon. Applicable to travel, vacation, and festival parties.

Feminine and flirty knot: Fold a gorgeous square scarf diagonally, wrap it flat against the back of the chest, loosely tie a knot at the end, and carefully organize the necessary shapes. It should be noted that the scarves on the chest should be tight and suitable. It can be inserted into the palm of the hand as the best state. The color should not be too bright. The fabric and texture should be soft and fluffy. This model is paired with a solid color cardigan and slim trousers to avoid complicated jewelry and immediately presents an elegant and feminine atmosphere to everyone. Suitable for formal dinners and large receptions.

Gently twisted into a beautiful shirt: In addition to the silk scarf gently wrapped between the achievements of a very fancy backless top, ethnic style silk scarf is best used for DIY into a knee-long skirt, two scarves of the same color first Left to right are tied around the waist, and after staggering, the effect of moving and static is dyed. Suitable for dinners and receptions.