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How to make a beach scarf

May 17, 2019

The beach silk scarf is illustrated by the law, and a silk scarf on the beach is enough! Going to the beach to play with a beach scarf can be both sunscreen and concave, and the photo is beautiful. Here, let's take a look at how the beach scarf looks good.


Offering the 5 simplest and most practical methods

Scarf change headband or hair band to create exotic retro style

Step 1. Prepare a square scarf and fold it diagonally;

Step 2, put the smooth side of the silk scarf in front of the forehead, and wrap the two corners of the ear around the brain to make a knot;

Step 3, finally put a knot on the extra silk scarf;

Correct! It's that simple, of course, there are many ways to make a hair band. Don't be scared by seemingly complicated methods. In fact, each of them can get the hair of a seaside awning in a few simple steps. .

Silk scarf is simple and practical

Step 1. Fold the silk scarf into a rectangle and pull it from the back to the chest to make a knot;

Step 2, pull the end of the knotted silk scarf to the back, and tie it again;

Step 3. Finish the folds and the practical Crop-top is complete.

Silk scarf half skirt long leg goddess immediately

This is very simple, don't need to say more, tie a knot at the waist~

Scarf smear dress to create sexy goddess look

Step 1. Pull the scarf from the back to the chest;

Step 2, will pull the two corners of the chest to a bow;

Step 3. At the waist, make another beautiful knot;

Silk scarf, hanging neck dress, sweet and stylish

Step1 pulls the scarf from the back to the chest;

Step2 will pull out the two corners around the back of the neck and tie a knot.