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How to maintain and storage silk scarves

Dec 19, 2018

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The temperature has dropped sharply recently. It's time to wear a scarf! If you feel wool scarf is too heavy and cashmere scarf is too warm, how about a light luxurious warm silk scarf?

Here are some tips for you to maintain and storage your silk scarves as new as you just bought it.

1. Washing

When you are doing laundry, please notice not use alkalescent scour and washing machine. The best method is hand wash——lightly knead, in case damage the fibre. 30 degrees of runing water would be best. Do not soak for a long time.


2. Airing

When you are airing it, you should also pay particular attention that pure silk scarf should not be exposed to sunshine too long. Do not insolate it in the sun, insteadly, place it in shady and cool ventilated place.


3. Use

Please keep coarse objects away from your scarf. Do not spray perfume or freshener on scarf, in case the scarf adsorb the odour or change color.


4. Storage

Please keep it in somewhere cool and dark. Do not put it into a small drawer, but perpendicular suspension. It would be better to use a non-metal hanger.No camphor balls.

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