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How to maintain a wool scarf?

Oct 31, 2019

Wool scarves, like woolen sweaters, have the problem of sucking and shrinking water. If you want to wear beautiful clothes every day, daily care and care is essential! So, what are the maintenance tips for wool scarves in daily life? Come check it out!

Tip 1: Don't put it with accessories

Wool scarves and clothes are easy to be pulled by the zippers and buttons on the clothes, so it is best to roll the scarf into a "sushi" shape when you are not wearing a scarf.

Tip 2: Ironing to medium temperature

Wool scarves can't withstand high-temperature ironing, hot scarves should not adjust the iron to medium temperature, you need to spray water mist on the scarf before the hot, spread the wet white gauze piece, while ironing along the latitude and longitude of the scarf, so Will effectively prevent the deformation of the scarf.

Tip 3: Do not hang

Wool material is easy to be wormed, and it is light and easy to deform, so it can't be hung in normal maintenance, but should be stacked separately and kept flat and dry, to prevent mites!

Tip 4: Avoid wearing friction

The wool fiber is slender and soft, and the scarf is easily damaged when the wool scarf is out. Therefore, it is usually necessary to reduce friction with harder things, such as sleeves and tabletops, sleeves and sofa armrests, and friction between the back and the sofa.