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How to dye silk fabrics

Apr 26, 2020

1. Choice of dyeing factory

There are many silk fabric dyeing factories, and fabric printing and dyeing are very traditional processes. Each factory has different equipment, personnel, and management. Only manufacturers with advanced printing and dyeing equipment, strict personnel, and process quality management can guarantee the provision of high-quality products and have the courage to take risks and responsibilities.

2. The choice of dye

In general, we experts basically know which dye is good and which is not. We choose different dyes according to customer requirements to maximize customer benefits. The layman will listen to the partial dye factory, high-end products, low-end dyes, low-end products, high-end dyes, or dyeing fees are very high, or the dyeing effect can not meet the requirements.

For example, some customers require low-end dyes for the export of silk power spinning fabrics, causing customers to fail third-party testing, resulting in refunds or scraps.

3. Gray cloth risk

Dyed fabrics generally require the use of dyed blanks for processing, and the dyed blanks do not have certain objective standards, so non-professional customers will pull the entire order to dye. In general expert operation, all fabrics must go through the blank (which fabric can be Used, which fabric can not be used), and then through color separation (which fabric does not have the same color), although they are all white, after color separation, the finished product dyed can guarantee the maximum authenticity rate.

For example, a customer asks a supplier to pick a blank silk crepe fabric and then dye it without color separation. As a result, some of the finished products are OK, but some of the radial problems of the finished products are very serious, resulting in scraps.

Therefore, dyeing is a high-risk business. The professionalism of Lihai Silk can greatly reduce its risk, because Lihai Silk is a professional supplier of dyed finished products, and the grasp of the risks of fabric gray fabrics and the selection of dyes are basically not If there is too much deviation, customers must be satisfied.