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How to distinguish true and false cashmere scarves

Sep 30, 2019

In the cold winter, the cashmere scarf not only keeps warm but also gives you a lot of points. The real cashmere scarf is not only lightweight but also very warm. How can I buy a real cashmere scarf?

Tools/raw materials

1. Lighter;  2. Feel;  3. Sharp eyes.

Step / method

1. Burning - If the store allows it, use a lighter to gently burn it. Look carefully to see if there are small black particles. Then smell it to see if there is a smell of protein burning. If it is fake, it is plastic burning. the taste of.

2, Look - if the store is not allowed to burn, you must first choose a brand that emphasizes credibility, quality, and reputation. Never choose a cashmere product without a site, a trademark or a cashmere. Then look at the product quality, the quality of the cashmere sweater looks soft, suede full, hairy feeling, the surface of the down has a layer of fine velvet, the horizontal longitudinal coil density is even if you look at the light is more obvious.

3, Weight - that is, when you buy, use your hand to smash. Because cashmere is a very soft fabric that is lighter than wool, it is a simple way to distinguish between cashmere and wool products when you buy it. The real cashmere scarf is very light.

4, Pinch - The cashmere sweater has a strong fluffy feel and excellent flexibility. Therefore, it can be pinched and observed for resilience when purchasing. This is both a method to identify its authenticity and a method to distinguish its merits and demerits.