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How to distinguish the quality of the fabric of a tie

Mar 16, 2020

In life, no matter what kind of things we use or what kind of things we buy, we can compare its quality by smelling or touching, because no matter what kind of things we buy, we will Existence, there is a certain mentality that it must be of good quality and look good, especially for consumer goods such as clothes. Only by looking at it can you improve your self-confidence. The same is true of boys buying ties. The reason is that leadership is also divided into good and bad, because a good tie is made of silk, and a bad tie is made of ordinary fabrics. The texture is also different. In the process of use, service life is also Different.

Maybe the way people buy things in life is different because some people buy in physical stores, they can feel the quality of the goods with their hands, and many people do not have time to go shopping, They can only buy what they want online. In this way, they can only see the pictures to compare, so only when the food reaches their own hands can they compare the quality of good and bad, so many people are in Buying a tie online does not compare the quality of the tie, but if you wait for the goods to arrive in your own hands, you can also compare the quality of the tie with the bad. the same.

Especially for a tie, there are many ways to tell whether it is good or bad. A good tie will look more textured, and it will have a certain degree of gloss under the light, unlike those Like an inspirational tie, it is either dull or dazzling. It will reflect its rusticity, and a good tie will have a certain gloss and it will look more textured. General ties are soft to the touch and do not have a good texture, while good ties are a little hard to touch, and the texture will be very good. There is also a big difference in the process of use. Good ties are not easy Wrinkled and poor-quality ties may become crumpled after a period of use, so there are many ways to tell whether a tie is good or bad.