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How to create a hairstyle with a silk scarf

Feb 13, 2020

In the romantic summer, a little fancy headwear can make the whole look fresh and girly. The soft and soft hair band has become the first choice for many women.It seems that the method of binding the hair band can always be updated. Today we have summarized several hairstyles for you.

Section 1: Scarf Hair Band

Step 1: Fold the diagonal of the silk scarf into a triangle, and then fold it again to the size and width you want. Then swoop forward from behind the head like this.

Step 2: Then twist the two sides of the silk scarf crosswise. You need to pay attention here. Now you don't need to knot.

Step 3: Repeat the action of the previous step, and then cross and twist again. Keep your hands crossed.

Step 4: After twisting twice, tighten it aside. Friends can decide the degree of tightness themselves. It is not recommended to pull too tightly, because it will be uncomfortable.

Step 5: Finally, wrap the silk scarf behind your head, and then fix it with two flat knots.

Section 2: Scarf braided hair

If you want to make the monotonous braid more personal, you can fold the silk scarf into a bar shape and insert it into the hair bundle to make a braid.

Step 1: Use a rubber band to tie the hair bundle at the top of the head into a princess braid.

Step 2: Fold the headscarf into a strip, and then fold it into the middle of the tresses.

Step 3: Start braiding from the hair on the sides of the head, and grab the turban together when grabbing the hair bundle in the middle.

Step 4: Finally, close the tail inward. If the headscarf cannot be completely contained in the braid, you can tie it at the tail with a bow.