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How to clean Hermes scarves

Mar 30, 2019

Luxury clothing or fabric cleaning is already one of the dry cleaning stores, so the high-end clothing washing technology is of course different. Today, the teacher who joined the headquarters of the laundry company shared with us how to wash the Hermès silk scarf. In fact, the two main points of washing and washing are the neutral washing, and the temperature should be controlled.

Washing Hermes scarves should use a neutral detergent that does not contain a fluorescent agent. Wash the silk scarf with warm water at 20 ° C. Keep the water at a certain temperature. Dissolve the detergent completely in warm water at about 20 ° C for use.

Be sure to do a fading test when washing the silk scarf. Apply a little water to the edges of the silk scarf or inconspicuous areas, then press it with a white towel. If there is some fading, avoid washing.

The towel is quickly rinsed after folding. The silk scarf is folded neatly, and then the folded portion is fixed by hand, quickly placed in the water, and the surface dust is rinsed back and forth.

Wrap the silk scarf in a folded state, wrap it out and rinse again. Fold the silk scarf into one-eighth size and gently wring it out. Then change the clean warm water and repeat the rinse twice. Handling with clothing softener To prevent static electricity and increase elasticity, use a softener for clothing, do the last warm water rinse, and wring it out. Spread the hermes scarves around the towel, spread the silk scarf, lay it on the towel, roll it up along the edge and make it cylindrical to fully absorb the moisture.

After washing the Hermès silk scarf, put it in a ventilated place to dry it. After removing the water, spread the silk scarf completely, hang it on the hanger, and put it indoors in the sun without the sun. The silk cloth will fade in the sun, so pay special attention.