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How to choose the size of the tie?

Oct 29, 2019

The first thing to consider when choosing a tie is the size problem. Generally, if you are participating in an important occasion, the width of the tie is recommended according to the width of the collar of the suit, so that it will not go wrong. The commonly used tie width is generally 8-9cm, which is suitable for various occasions and it is not easy to make mistakes. Most menswear brands will launch their latest ties based on this standard, such as Zegna, Ferragamo and so on.

If it is a young person, the tailoring of the suit is also younger. At this time, it may be considered to use a narrow version of the tie for matching, which will make the overall shape tend to be younger and the fashion atmosphere will be heavier. Like Fendi, Versace, etc., there are many narrow-necked ties designed according to the needs of young people. They are very dynamic in shape and size.

The length of the tie should be based on the length of the bottom end of the tie just over the belt buckle. If the size is not adjusted multiple times, it proves that the length of the tie is too long. In addition, the wide head of the tie placed on the front must also cover the thin head behind. And it must be fixed, otherwise, it will look very elegant and gentle.