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How to choose real silk scarf

Dec 19, 2018

mulberry silk

As we all know that silk scarves are not only snug but also pretty. But many people get into trouble choosing a real silk scarf. How much do you know about silk products?

Pure silk scarf is raw material with silk, so pure silk product price is a little expensive. With the development of chemical fiber industry, people have produced imitative silk with chemical filament as raw material. The raw material of imitative silk mainly is polyester fiber (dacron), some of which are recycled cellulose fiber such as viscose. At present, there are many kinds of silk products in the market, and it is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.So how to identify real silk?

Here are some tips for you.

1. Appearance

The burnish of pure silk scarf is downy and even, although bright, but not dazzling; Artificial silk is shiny and bright, but not soft and dazzling.

1 silk scarf 3

2. Property

Silk scarf feels soft, waxy and smooth. You can feel it when touching the surface of silk fabric. Silk feels a little stiff. When you grasp and knead drier silk, you can hear a sound of silk mutual attrition while other imitate real silk product do not have this sound.


3. Burn

Draw a bundle of silk yarn from the side of the scarf and set it on fire. If silk fiber burns slowly, rolls into a group at first and send out the scorch odour resembles hair or avian wool. When it is taken away from fire, it would break into powder via hand kneading namely.  Polyester fiber burns with sweet taste, residue is hard and black beads, hard block is not easy to crush. Viscose and other cellulose fiber filament combustion smell of paper burning, residues show a little gray ash.

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