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How to choose a winter scarves in winter?

Dec 17, 2018

Camel is also an essential classic color. If you feel that a large area of camel wear is a little difficult for the Huangpi star.

You may wish to start by investing in a camel scarf – when the warm camel encounters the soft texture of the scarf, it will definitely immerse you in the happiness of being wrapped in a camel scarf.

winter scarf warm

You can use a camel scarf with a coat of the same color, which is expensive and very accent, and it can also bring a gentle feeling to the winter.

winter scarves warm

If the color of your clothes is mostly dark in this autumn and winter, then you are advised to try a brightly colored scarf that can light up the whole body with highlights.

With a touch of brilliant colors, you can break the dullness of plain coat look, so that you can easily stand out in the bleak autumn and winter. The dazzling red scarf is more versatile than you think, making it easy for you to become a streetscape.

winter scarf beauty

Princess Kate used a red scarf with a blue trench coat to look at it, and it was quite elegant.

winter scarves beauty

The turmeric is also very autumn and winter, and it can be held with most black, white and grey costumes. And as the resident color of autumn and winter every year, it is not easy to be eliminated.

keep warm scarf

In addition, you can choose the color of your scarf according to the "color response method".

I really don't know what kind of fairy is the right color. Choosing a color with a large color or shoes or bags on your body will make your total look more harmonious and unified.

keep warm scarves

This year's strong resurgence of plaid, many people say that wearing an old cadre, is not easy to control, but the plaid scarf is not the same, the area is small, the color change is also more, it is easy to embellish the whole body. Especially black and white checkered super wild.

keep beauty scarf

The effect of colored plaid with the same color coat is also outstanding! As long as the color of your coat matches a certain color element in the plaid scarf, it will perfectly create a sense of unity.

Look, a black coat, plus a plaid scarf embellishment, is it not so dull?

keep beauty scarves