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How to choose a winter scarf to keep warm and beautiful?

Dec 17, 2018

The small partners in the office always shouted cold: I am wearing a "bear", what about me? !

Wai scarf! Baby! It’s time to start “flowering and exhibition”~

Want to maintain the value and grace in the cold wind, learn to wear the scarf is the key!

The most practical tide in winter, slim and small weapon, non-big scarf!


British IT Girl, Star II Daisy Lowe left BBC Radio in London, the black scarf is really elegant~


How to choose a scarf?

Black, grey, camel and navy are the first choices for scarf colors. These basic neutral colors are mainly safety cards, durable and resistant to dirt, classic and not afraid of obsolescence.

winter scarf

Even though the fashion style and style of the jackets are changing every year, the black scarf is always a versatile versatile.

winter scarves

You can use a black scarf to match the single-score CP with a high color saturation. The calming black color can also enhance the texture of the shape.

scarf winter

Grey scarves are brighter than black scarves, so some darker coat look-ups can also be brightened with the support of a gray scarf.

winter scarf keep warm