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How to choose a tie that suits you

Feb 20, 2020

Tie matching and tie selection should be in harmony with the age, hobby and color of the suit. Generally speaking, human factors, such as skin color, body type, and age, are considered first. A white shirt with a red tie is better. People with a white complexion should choose a dark or colorful tie. Young people can choose ties with lively patterns and bright colors to give people a sense of youthful vitality, fresh and free. Middle-aged people should choose dark and small flower-shaped tie to look generous and solemn. Elderly people should choose elegant flower patterns, such as gray and white oblique stripes, which are both beautiful and stable.

In addition, we must also consider the harmonious matching of tie colors with suits and shirts. According to the order of suit, shirt, and tie, most men currently use the color matching method: deep-shallow-deep, and some people use light-medium-shallow or deep-medium-shallow Color matching method. No matter which color scheme is adopted, as long as the color of the shirt and tie is uniform and harmonious, they can receive beautiful effects.

In addition, there is a black tie that matches almost any color and style of clothing. Regarding the pattern, although it is divided into twill, longitudinal weave, horizontal weave, etc., twill is still used more often.