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How to choose a tie for formal wear

Mar 03, 2020

1. Fabric: The texture of formal tie is generally made of silk and pure wool. Ties made of cotton, linen, velvet, and leather cannot be selected.

2. Pattern: The pattern of the tie can be selected according to the color and occasion of the suit and shirt. You can use a color with a suit, such as a blue suit with a blue tie, and a gray suit with a gray tie. Tie patterns should follow the basic principles of solemnity, elegance, and conservativeness. Generally, monochrome patterns or geometric patterns such as dark flowers or dots or stripes can be selected. Match with suit and shirt color.

3. Color: Generally, single-color or dark-colored tie can be selected. Multi-color tie should not be more than three colors. Don't choose a tie that is too conspicuous and fancy. Try not to choose a light-colored tie or a bright-colored tie. You can also choose a fuchsia tie, which is more solemn and enthusiastic.

4, types: There are many types of ties, which are roughly divided into two types: general ties and modified ties. Common ties include slip ties, square ties, bow ties and so on. Variety ties include Asco tie, western-style tie, loop tie and so on. From the tie fabric, there are woolen, silk, leather and chemical fiber. According to the flower pattern, there are small flower pattern, striped flower pattern, pip flower pattern, pattern flower pattern, stripe pattern combined flower pattern, antique satin flower pattern, etc.