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How to choose a scarf for your boyfriend

Dec 20, 2018

Men generally like deep but not old-fashioned colors, so the color is mainly based on calm colors.

1. Gray: Gray is the one that belongs to the achromatic system. Although it is dull and monotonous, it can reveal stability and subtlety. It can be done by matching any color in the color system.

2, dark blue: mysterious and calm blue, and occasionally with a little melancholy. You can choose deep peacock blue to match, this combination shows a faint temperament, very suitable for winter styling.

3, black and white: black and white is the most classic match, choose a white shirt plus a black wool scarf, steady without losing vitality.

4, gray blue: gray blue is a gray dark blue color, a little colder than gray, to create a cool and meticulous style, you can use gray blue to match the gray, add gray blue tone in the details And gradually create the feeling you want.

5, dark brown: dark brown neutralized the gray monotony, so that the original single color more silk vitality, dark brown and gray, the same calm two colors but played a young posture.

On the online choice, because it is for men, so choose a taste, he feels taste, soft, comfortable, happy when wearing, so that will show the meaning!

It is recommended to use wool and cashmere. Australia is the best quality wool in the world. Australia has a good geographical environment, many pastures, sheepskin, wool production and export volume rank first in the world. It is known as the country of “ride on the back of the sheep”. . Australia's shepherd industry is so developed, wool is so famous, in addition to favorable natural conditions, excellent breeding, advanced breeding technology plays an important role. Australian wool accounts for 60% of the world's total wool production, and 70% of Australian shepherds are purebred Merino. The beautiful slave sheep has become a treasure in the world's wool skin with its high fiber density and excellent hair quality.