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How to choose a scarf

Apr 03, 2019

1. Women with short and fat body and large bust should use a loose-type knit scarf or silk scarf with simple pattern, darker color and single color, because the dark color can make people narrow the visual sense and play a role in convergence. Thin and thin friends should use a simple, plain and elegant scarf, but the color should be warm.

2, people with small concave chest and chest circumference choose jacquard style, soft texture, fluffy, give a rich scarf.

3, shoulder narrow or slippery shoulders, use a long scarf, the ends of the scarf diagonally hang on the shoulders hanging behind the body, visually make the shoulders relatively thicker.

4, people with longer necks, men can choose thickened and long scarf, so that the neck and shoulders, so that the neck is short; and young women should use a loose scarf around the neck, the color should be close to the top.

5, people with darker skin should not use a light-colored scarf, neutral color is better, and people with white skin should choose a scarf with a softer tone.