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How to choose a green healthy scarf

May 07, 2020

Choosing scarf fabrics is very knowledgeable, it is best to choose natural ecological products. Natural materials are better. Like cotton, linen, silk, leather, hair. Among natural materials, cotton, hemp, and silk are better. Generally speaking, these materials used more in chemical fiber, blended or dye are relatively inferior in safety.

Wearing these products that contain too many chemical elements can easily cause discomfort to the body, and experts do not recommend buying them. In particular, there are many additives in the chemical fiber, which can easily cause eczema of the skin, and even some harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and heavy metals enter the human body through the pores. There are some dyes dyed brighter clothes, compared with the content of fuel like aniline High, easy to discolor, discoloration, allergic to human skin, and even have the risk of cancer.

Many scarves are now wearing new fabrics, with labels such as modal and bamboo charcoal fibers. These fabrics have various health-care functions such as deodorant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, and anti-itch. Environmental chemistry experts remind that these new green textiles may not be as effective as they advertise.

Because its function is professionally such a function, but this function may often be exaggerated during the sales process. The second material may not follow the recipe process at the time of inspection or research. For example, it may be Add flowers and colors, or in order to make it stronger, it may add chemical fibers, or even make it better in quality, and it will add various additives in it, so that the health function and green function will be greatly reduced.

Maybe because there are more and more scarves in styles and colors, and more and more chemicals are added, so many harmful chemicals are attached to the scarves.

How to choose a scarf:

The first is to see, mainly to see whether the description on the scarf label is complete, especially the information of the company, as well as the type of materials, the way of washing and the proportion of materials in it, such as how much chemical fiber accounts for cotton Or how much Mao accounts for depends on the ratio.

The second is to carry out some identification and hands-on. Generally, it is a better way to identify various materials by fire. For example, we say that the ash after burning cotton is like burning paper ash. It is powdery and burns. There is no peculiar smell when it comes to hair. Generally, hairy products contain protein. There is a smell when burning. There are also some chemical fibers. When burning, the smoke is darker. When it burns, it will cake. The way can do some simple identification.