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How to care for wool carpets

Oct 03, 2019

How to maintain wool carpet? Wool carpet care guide, wool carpet is a very comfortable carpet, suitable for laying in the living room or in the room, even if the bare feet are on the carpet is very comfortable. However, the wool carpet has long hair and is easy to have dirt, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of the wool carpet, so as to ensure the service life and the hygienic use.

How to care for wool carpets

1, Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to suck

In daily maintenance, we should regularly use a vacuum cleaner to suck on the wool carpet, so as to avoid dust accumulation in the fluff of the wool carpet for a long time. In addition to dust, there are small things such as paper dust that can be quickly disposed of by the vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanness of the wool carpet.

2, Hand brush

We can buy a brush that specializes in brushing wool carpets, often brushing a brush on a wool carpet, and brushing away dirt from the carpet. In addition to brushing away dirty things, the wool can be smoothed. Frequent brushing of wool carpets keeps the wool carpet's hair smooth and does not knot the ball for longer life.

3, Local processing

If you accidentally overturn a drink or something on a wool carpet, we need to partially clean the wool carpet without having to clean the entire carpet. First, remove the overturned beverage with a clean rag, then wipe it with a detergent, and then scrub it on the piece with water so that the stain can be removed.

4. Choose a cleaning company

After a long period of use of the wool carpet, even if you pay attention to the previous period, it will inevitably have long-term accumulation of stains in the deep part of the plush. These stains are difficult to clean ourselves, so we have to choose a professional carpet care cleaning company to clean and maintain the wool carpet. This maintenance method should be carried out regularly.

5, Avoid direct sunlight

Wool carpets are not exposed to direct sunlight, as long-term direct exposure can easily lead to fading of wool carpets and accelerated aging. So, when we put the wool carpet in the room, we can open the curtains to bask in the sun, but it is best to pull the curtains when the sun is hottest in the summer, to avoid direct sunlight.