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How to be more fashionable with silk scarves

Mar 06, 2020

1, Silk scarf as a headdress

In the current fashion industry, scarves are no longer just warm objects tied around the neck. Hold a tall meatball head and use a silk scarf to wrap around the meatball. Don't be too pure, okay? Or wrap the hair with the "head style" method, and hang the silk scarf tail behind, which looks neat and handsome; with the "hairband" style method, use a silk scarf under the braid to tie a bow, and the retro style is immediately apparent.

2.Scarves are tied around the neck

Although it is the most traditional and basic method to tie a silk scarf around the neck, you can create a full sense of fashion with a little attention to changes. Use a slender silk scarf around the neck gently, let the scarf hang down on the chest for a long time, and immediately show the femininity. Or use a small silk scarf around the neck like wearing a "choker", and the silk scarf tail must be firmly packed into the silk scarf, and then matched with a shirt, pay attention, the shirt here must be unbuttoned to reveal Your elegant and beautiful neck, so is the swan neck!

3, Scarf as a belt

Choose a stripe with a suitable length and tie it to the jeans with a belt to make a simple and boring ordinary look fashionable.

4, Silk scarf as a bag hanging

In today's fashion world, silk scarves are not only tied to people's bodies, they have also appeared in major shows as a bag. Bags from major brands are also paired with a variety of scarves.

5.The ultimate match for scarves

In addition to the above methods, scarves can also be tied to the wrists and ankles, but have you thought about it? Scarves can also be tied to the thighs! The white T jeans and khaki trench coat are paired with a red and white patterned silk scarf on the thigh. This breaks the conventional system and reveals the unusual fashion taste.