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How much do you know about wool classification?

Apr 26, 2019

Wool products are very common in life, and are popular among the public because of their warmth, flexibility and comfort. So how much do you know about the classification of wool?

Wool has the distinction of goat wool and sheep wool. Now we all call it wool. Mohair in mountain wool is a good raw material for making fabrics such as coats. Sheep wool has physical properties such as fineness, length, bending and elasticity. Sheep wool can be divided into fine wool, long wool, semi-fine wool, hybrid hair, and coarse wool according to fineness and length. Fine wool is the main raw material for fine clothing. The long wool is long enough and the hair quality is very good. Most of the wool in the carpet is coarse wool.

According to the shearing season, wool can be divided into spring hair, autumn hair and burr. As the name suggests, the spring hair is taken in the spring, the hair is fine and long, it is the fine wool; the autumn hair is taken in the autumn, the hair is relatively short; the hair is cut in summer, only part of the wool is cut.

The hair combed down during the sheep's hair removal season is called the hair grab. The cut hair that is not in the form of flakes is called the loose hair, and the hair that is cut into the intact hair is called the coat. According to the coat, there are lamb wool, aged hair, medium-term hair, pull hair, and dead wool. Lamb wool is softer and has a lower hardness; the hair is shorter and the fibers are fine. The wool at this stage is very precious.

According to the histological structure, wool fibers can be divided into bristles and bristles. According to the growth characteristics, tissue structure and process characteristics of wool fibers, they are divided into fluff, hair, two hairs, bristles and dog hair. According to the fiber type, the hair of the sheep hair is only the same type of hair called homogenous hair, otherwise it is called heterogeneous hair.

Special types of wool, such as New Zealand's rare gray wool, this unique gray wool texture is soft and lustrous, can be better woven into fine worsted yarn, fine textiles, smooth fabric, comfortable feel, pro Soft skin. The Stansborough Lord of the Rings scarf is made of this gray wool as the main raw material. It is delicate, soft, comfortable and warm, simple and fashionable, and has been widely praised by the public. Stansborough, Hollywood's "Lord of the Rings" movie exclusive clothing brand.