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How many ways to tie a tie?

Mar 13, 2020

There are three ways to tie a tie: a knot, a mid-knot, and a big knot.

The summary is also called a normal knot or a simple knot. The key points of the knot: the big end of the tie is pressed against the small head, and the big head is tied around the circle after the small head is wound. The big knot is also called "Windsor knot". It is said that it is a system invented by the famous British Duke of Windsor. Make a circle, then make a circle around the small head, and let the head fasten through this circle. The middle knot is also called "small Windsor knot" or "half Windsor knot". The size of the knot is between the ordinary and Windsor knot. Make a small head around the circle, and then let the big head fasten through this circle. The common feature of the three phylogenetic methods is that the small head does not move on one side, and the large head is wrapped around the small head. This way, when it is opened, it is a knot instead of a knot.

When tying a tie, remember that the tie should not be too tight or too loose. It is particularly noteworthy that after the knot is tied, it must be tightened upwards, and the tie should be slightly lifted. In order to remind people to tighten your tie, please don't buckle the first button of the shirt, and bring the left and right shirt collars together by the collar. This is also a European custom.

The color of men's clothing is much more monotonous than that of women. The tie that can best out the whole body is also fixed by many men in several conservative colors and patterns. The reason is because of this combination-insurance .

When many men observe women, they can always see the different flavors of women, but they have not analyzed the men themselves. Whether different men have different tastes should also have different dress styles, including tie.

To elaborate, men's dress styles are divided into theatrical, natural, classical, avant-garde, and romantic. These types determine the pattern and color relationship of men's tie. The representative ties are the following: monochrome tie, striped tie, small pattern (such as: small dots) tie, club-type tie (sailboat, racket and other patterns), check tie, paisley swirl pattern tie, Geometric pattern tie. Pick a suitable tie!