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How many styles do neckties generally have?

Mar 13, 2020

From the morphological characteristics of the tie, there are usually the following:

1. The arrow-type tie is the most basic style of tie. Generally, it is cut with silk and lined with wool lining, so it appears elastic and not easy to wrinkle. Since the heads of both ends of the necktie are shaped like triangular arrows, they are called arrow neckties. There are two kinds of printing and weaving on the pattern, and the usage is the largest among the tie types.

2. Flathead tie is a style change of tie. The shape is slightly shorter and narrower than the arrow-type tie. Most of them are directly knitted with plain or jacquard knitted fabrics. Because the two ends of the tie are flat, it is called a flat-headed tie.

3. The oblique head tie is also a style change of the tie. It is slightly shorter and narrower than the regular tie like the flattie. It is mostly used for women's tie. The slope is generally 60 degrees or more.

4, loop tie, also known as wire rope tie. The structure is relatively simple. A colored silk rope is used to surround the collar and string it through the metal ferrule in the front. The ferrule is more delicate and decorated with patterns. The loop tie is simple and convenient to use, it looks relaxed and lively after being used.

5, satin tie, also known as Western-style tie. A black or purple-red ribbon is decorated with a bow in the middle under the collar.

6. The wide tie, known as ASCOT tie abroad, is one of the tie styles. It does not need to be tied during use, the same way as the scarf. In Europe and the United States, it was originally used at wedding ceremonies, and the groom used it as a formal dress during the day. However, those with patterns are not in the scope of dress matching but are a reflection of young people's attention to dress.

7. A sheet tie is a style of traditional tie. It is rarely used today. It is stitched with two layers of silk. It is short. When it is used, the two heads are overlapped. The middle is fixed with a tie pin. The color is Mainly black.

8. Towel tie is a style of traditional tie. Its form and style are similar to the red scarf used by China's youth team. It is made of silk.

9. Wing tie referred to as bow tie, also known as the bow tie. Generally divided into two categories, small collar flowers, and bows. Small collar flowers are mainly used to wear dresses, which are black and white. White-collar flowers are only used to wear tuxedos; small black collar flowers are used to wear small dresses and dress variants. The bow tie was developed from a small collar flower, which is larger than a collar flower, and after being formed, it looks like a butterfly with wings spreading, so it gets its name. Made of black, purple and other silk materials, usually matching with dresses

As the saying goes: Men do n’t have too many ties, women do n’t have too many shoes. Many men's wardrobes have a lot of ties, but wearing a suit is a big headache for how to match shirts and ties.

With a tie shirt, as long as you master a few principles, you can save a lot of trouble.