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How many meters of silk thread used for a Hermès scarf

May 27, 2020

How many meters of silk thread should be used for a Hermès scarf? Hermès scarves only use the silk of a special butterfly. This special butterfly lays eggs and is bred into silkworms, which then become silkworm cocoons. We can get about 300 silkworm cocoons from a pair of butterflies, and then we will process the silkworm cocoons. From these 300 silkworm cocoons, we can get 4500 meters of silk thread.

To make a 90cmX90cm Hermes scarf, 300 silkworm cocoons will be used. In other words, a pair of butterflies and a scarf, at least 4500 meters of silk thread can make a Hermes scarf.

From creation to completion, a Hermès scarf takes nearly two years, from pattern creation screening to dyeing and fixing, before and after it requires ten types of work, more than ten different professional knowledge, this is an interlocking work chain.

The process of making silk scarves is a necessary process for the birth of a scarf. The process of making a silk scarf takes about 600 hours.

After the pattern was determined, the artists sincerely stamped each color in the scarf pattern on the template and transferred every detail in the pattern to transparent paper to ensure that all colors could be correctly superimposed on the specified position. , Forming a predetermined pattern.

After the pattern of the scarf is confirmed, the color committee is responsible for dividing the pattern into six to ten different color differences according to the requirements of the series of products. Each color undergoes special research and is modified manually.

Each mixed dye has to be checked by the artist many times to ensure that it is the same as the color on the sample.

After completing the process of making silk scarves, the craftsmen began to color and print the scarves. Each scarf usually contains 30-45 colors, while the color selection is 75,000.

For each color of each scarf, it takes 1 hour to 1 month to dry, and then the second color is printed.

A Hermès silk scarf starts from selecting a topic, and it takes more than 18 months before and after the process of design, color matching, plate making, coloring, and manual curling.