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How does the scarf look good?

Apr 26, 2020

Today is the autumn. In the early autumn season, women of any type should buy one or two scarves, not only to keep warm but also to promote your fashion attitude and show their charm. Scarves follow this big fashion trend this year, gradually personalized, no longer blindly follow the trend, girls have their own clear positioning.

Whether it is low-key luxury retro patterns and patterns, or Korean style fresh plaid or solid color, can dress up the entire autumn until the end of winter. The editor has organized some fashionable scarf ties and matching skills. Let's take a quick look.


The blue check scarf is paired with a black dress. This is the safest match. It will not make you look too colorful, but it has bright colors to attract the eyes. The scarf makes the whole style fashionable and tasteful.

The material of the scarf: First of all, the material of the scarf determines the method of wearing the scarf to a certain extent. The scarf material can be said to be all-encompassing. How to choose the material that suits you and how to match it need to be carefully designed. Like a silk scarf, it will be softer and smoother, full of silky lightness and freshness, and it feels natural and beautiful as the wind blows.



Classic silk

Classic high-brightness silk is a long-lasting popular material. Such material will highlight the gloss of the skin and easily bring out the taste of elegance and intelligence. Therefore, when choosing a silk scarf, you should consider your own skin color and yellowish skin Girls, or girls with dry skin, should not choose such a texture-based material.


Fur luxury

The fur scarf is usually fixed with a leather jacket. Different girls will have different tastes around the fur scarf. Beautiful women who take the affinity route are recommended to choose a simple color system, highlighting cute and fresh Natural fur, uneven color is preferred.



Fine knitting

Knitted scarves give a very delicate feeling, reminiscent of romantic Korean dramas. In terms of matching, because of the unique texture of the scarf, it is more suitable for some unobtrusive clothes such as tweed. Long style coat is the first choice, it is easier to highlight the temperament.



Natural Cotton

The cotton and linen scarf reveals a strong affinity, and the texture is more close to the skin. It is very comfortable to wrap around, and it is also a more versatile type in terms of matching. Because the material is simple and unobtrusive, it is a good match for clothing. So eager to go out but do not know how to choose the right scarf, then choose a cotton and linen texture scarf to go out.