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How do you use a silk scarf to match?

May 15, 2019

In the spring and summer styles, scarves can be used as accessories for eye-catching use, but many people are worried that the matching of silk scarves will give people the impression of “old-fashioned”. In fact, as long as you master the simple silk scarf modeling principle, you can easily control the dressing. Tips of the 5 large scarves Tips, let you know how to take the scarves!

●Tip 1: the same color echoes

When you choose the main color of the clothing, when you choose the matching silk scarf, as long as there is a similar color, you can play the same color. You don't have to be constrained by the high degree of color consistency. As long as you stay in the same color system, there will be some depth and change, but it will add more layering.

Fashion lady Olivia Palermo's lace dress has a light blue color. According to the principle of “same color echo”, she chose a silk scarf with a dark blue print and a border, and cleverly found a belt embellished with brown in the silk scarf. , once again interpret the same color rule. The method of tying the silk scarf into the belt is also quite fashionable.

The yellow main color of the Giovanna Battaglia scarf, the Italian fashion editor of L'UOMO Vogue, is the same color as the beige coat, and brightens the nude color of the list. Also based on the matching method of the same color, the yellow handbag selection makes the overall shape more harmonious.

The veteran supermodel Claudia Schiffer has always been a supporter of the 70s scarf style, and it is naturally in full swing. The three main colors of orange, yellow and blue in the silk scarf are corresponding to the three parts of the suede handbag, the nude shirt and the sandals, and the denim pencil skirt.

●Tip 2: Traditional comparison

Sometimes you will worry that the silk print is too complicated and difficult to control. In fact, it is the perfect match for simple clothing. Such as the minimalist shape of the clothing, or the simple low-key color such as black and white gray camel, you can use the colorful flowers and colorful silk scarves to form a contrast between the traditional and the simple, thick and light contrast, not only unobtrusive, but also It has the effect of finishing the finishing touch.

This one-piece gray minimalist skirt is relatively flat in color and style, but because Giovanna Battaglia is cleverly matched with colorful scarves, it instantly makes the overall look shine, plus the color and silk scarf echoes the sunglasses. It is a color enhancement.

Dressed in a black overall dress is simple to wear, but it is a bit dull, it is more to add silk. The brown bag in the street shot is the same color as the orange flower of the silk scarf, and it is also applied to the same color. In a different way, the little black dress can also be decorated with silky eyeglasses. If the silk print is more modern, the accessories such as handbags can be relatively more fashionable.

Camel beige and other soft main colors as well as straight lines of jackets and trousers can create a simple and neat styling effect, but often a bit too strict. Then a silky eye-catching scarf is the time to go out at this time, although it is just on the shoulders, it can already be used to focus.

●Tip 3: soft and neutral

Neutral style is now favored by many girls, but when you don't want to be too "boyish", you can use a silk scarf to add a feminine element to the neutral look. Regardless of the print, the silk scarf itself has a "soft" fluttering temperament, so that it is almost impossible to complete this feminine stroke without much effort.

The military-style jacket is representative of the neutral style, and the large black handbag makes the shape more tough, but because of a silk scarf on the waist, the shape is immediately more charming, and it also complements the color of the jacket.

Fashion blogger Martha Graeff uses a striped suit to interpret the standard trendy neutral dress, and even the choice of platform shoes is full of boyish. But it was a red printed square scarf between the necks that made her look feminine.

Straight strip windbreaker, checkered trousers, and official handbags, these are the representatives of men's clothing elements, but with the color tone of the silk scarf to effectively neutralize the men's style, cute fish prints and charms make the shape Become interesting.

●Tip 4: finishing the eye

Casual dressing often gives people the impression that they are comfortable and lacking in fashion. At this time, wearing a silk scarf is the most easy-to-follow eye-catching way to improve fashion, and almost everyone can control it. Whether it's a weekend trip, a beach holiday, or an informal everyday outfit, silk scarves can be used to make the decoration work.

A cotton white blouse with a flat sandal, this shape is perfect for a tropical vacation. Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan naturally wears silk scarves on PVC handbags, which seem to be casual but extraordinarily chic. Even if your handbag is not so personalized, the basic bag can also be attached directly to the scarf.

Bib pants are the hottest trousers of the season, whether it's a simple turtleneck or a T-shirt combination that creates a stylish and comfortable casual look. Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek adds more attention to the shape of the handbag, and the decoration of the small scarf is crucial. If you think about removing the silk scarf, the shape will really lose a lot.

Poppy Delevingne, who often travels to various fashion parties, also has a leisure time, but for the master, the casual outfit will never lose color. Pullovers, hole pants and big handbags will be worn by everyone. But did you add a silk scarf? The difference is obvious.

●Tip 5: contrast color mix and match

Silk scarves are also a good helper for playing against the color mix, especially for those who are not so tall with the segment, it is easier to get started with the help of the scarf. Because the area of the silk scarf relative to the overall shape of the garment is small, it is not easy to make mistakes that are too strongly conflicting in the case of color collision or pattern mashup.

Supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele is definitely a master of mashups, and also uses silk scarves to enhance the look. The mustard yellow coat collides with the blue-green color, while the small areas of white and pink in the silk scarf also effectively reduce the excessive contrast while attracting the visual focus.

The mix of diverse prints and tiered accessories is completely uncompromising under the interpretation of stylist Elisa Nalin. But if you look closely, the red, white and blue colors in the silk scarf echo the accessories in the shirt, skirt and bracelet, so that the seemingly messy mix has a bridge-like connection with each other, and the eye-catching yellow satchel Then it plays the role of visual focus by contrast.