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How do women's scarves look good with tops?

Oct 06, 2019

Scarves are an important accessory for women. Faced with a dazzling array of scarves, how do we choose and match clothes? Yadier garments offer a variety of styles, silk scarves of various colors, affordable, exquisite workmanship, and then teach you silk scarves.

Just grasp the following brief and simple points, it is very simple to "drive" the color of the scarf:

1. Monochrome clothing, matching the pattern of silk scarves will contrast "out of the color." The most important trick is: "There are several colors in the pattern silk scarf, and there is a color that is common or very similar to the color of the clothing." If you are satisfied with this, usually the silk scarf and the clothing are very simple and calm, and there will be no abruptness. Feelings.

Tip: When you pick up a silk scarf, you need to find the "color element" that you wear.

2. Pattern clothing, blended with a monochromatic silk scarf, will be contrast-resistant. The most important trick: "There are several colors in the pattern, and there is a color that is common or very similar to the color of the scarf." The same reason.

Tip: When you mix the pattern clothes with a monochrome silk scarf, you can find creativity in the color of each color of the flower clothes.

3. Color silk scarf with monochrome clothing, just do not violate the principle of color matching. The pattern costumes should be specially designed to match the pattern silk scarves.

Tip: When the silk scarf is matched with the flower clothes, the shape and color of the two patterns should be coordinated as much as possible. Otherwise, it will make people feel the feeling of "not touching".

4. The above is the usual color matching tricks of silk scarves. In practice, they can also play freely according to their own favorite, such as using the "contrast color" of the base color in the pattern to emphasize the characteristics, and so on.

5. When choosing a silk scarf, the color of the silk scarf should be suitable for the skin color.