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How do silk scarves match fashion and avant-garde?

Sep 11, 2019

Women always have a soft spot for scarves, warmth, decoration, matching a good scarf can really make the perfect point of the fall between the neck from super long to short and exquisite, wool knit to fur, to achieve different styles .

Available in a retro vintage silk scarf with a grey bottoming shirt and denim skirt, sexy, stylish and avant-garde, it is fascinating. The colorful silk long scarf, the gradient color is natural, the color is warm and beautiful, as if the rainbow is on the body, creating a strong contrast effect, adorned with a long knit dress, and black boots, deliberately highlight the feminine lines. With a leather jacket, the soft and hard texture adds a sense of layering and fun, enhancing the perfect temperament. It is recommended to wear a solid color bottoming shirt or jacket, and it is full of modern flavor with the popular high-key warm color system. With the base color or colorless system, it is more temperament and elegance.