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How do silk scarves match clothing?

May 29, 2019

Wearing orange clothes: it will make people look chunky. If they are paired with light green scarves and dark blue pants, they can give people a pure and fresh visual experience.

Wearing a white top and black trousers: It can be worn with a rose-red scarf, showing an elegant posture in plain light.

Wearing a blue-gray suit: it will make people look gray and dull. If you wear a warm, colorful silk scarf, you will have a vibrant feeling.

Wear silver-gray clothes: those who are thin and wear silver-gray clothes can be paired with big red scarves, and those who are overweight should be surrounded by dark green scarves, so that the look will make people look serene and gentle.

Wearing red clothes: The most classic match is to use a black scarf, which can bring out the skin color and make people have a dignified and charming gesture.

Wearing navy blue clothes: It should be paired with a pure white scarf, which not only sets off the red lips and black sputum, but also exudes a refreshing watery temperament, and at the same time makes people look agile and decisive.

Wear thin clothes: large scarves that cannot be wrapped around wool, napped, expanded, and crocheted.

Wear a coat, cashmere coat: the coat is dark, it is suitable for matching colorful scarves; the coat is light in color, and the scarf can be elegant and stable. A large scarf with a crochet-knit pattern can show a dignified demeanor.

The suits are decorated with deep plain scarves. The monotonous clothing can be worn with a floral pattern scarf.