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How do old scarves become bags

Apr 29, 2020

When you go out and lack a bag or storage bag, fold it with a silk scarf, and one of the knots can be used. There is no need to sew with needles or yarns, and the method is simple and magical. If you want to decorate small things for gifts, or pack small things such as lunch boxes and wine bottles, fold it with a cloth to fold it up and use it as a storage bag. After use, it can be easily removed for cleaning and can be folded in a variety of ways. , So easy to use new skills, quickly learn a few tricks!

A piece of cloth changing bag DIY

How did these big and small bags fold out? After reading, you can easily fold out a few. Find a piece of cloth or scarf first, and follow along!

A piece of cloth to change the bag and storage bag tutorial

You can use wooden handles, large plastic rings, belts and the like as accessories

After folding it, it's OK

Big lunch box, fold it in a bag by yourself, is it environmentally friendly?

To learn more fold tutorials

You can easily operate at home

A bag made of old belts or belts, can't you see it by yourself?

This kind of scarf method, the girl who loves beauty must start to learn. In addition to bringing your own bag when going out, such a small bag can also be equipped with a little thing that is inconvenient to put in your own bag.