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How about silk brushed scarf?

Oct 17, 2019

How about a silk brushed scarf? How to identify the authenticity of the silk brushed scarf? In winter, scarves are an indispensable accessory. The Spring Festival is coming. In addition to the traditional cashmere and wool scarves, there is also brand new silk brushed scarf, the latest high-grade silk developed with ultra-fine fleece processing technology. The product makes the traditional silk completely "face" and breaks the limitation of the big cold day without the silk scarf. Unlike traditional silk single-sided weaving, this silk-brushed scarf is three-dimensionally woven with 100% natural high-quality pure silk for better warmth. Brushed is called "the second skin of the human body". The surface of the scarf has breathable holes, which are similar to the human skin tissue. It is suitable for the microclimate of the human body and is very soft, so it is very comfortable to be surrounded, not like cashmere or wool. The texture scarf has the problem of necking while keeping warm, moisturizing and hygienic.


How to identify the authenticity of silk brushed scarf

With the silk brushed scarf popular, there are a lot of scarves on the market with the "brushed" banner but no "silk". So how do you tell the truth? The authenticity and pros and cons of the silk brushed scarf can be identified through eye and hand touch. The brushed scarf made of natural high-quality pure silk has the soft luster of silk and is not glare, while the fabric with chemical fiber is not soft and bright and glare; the high-quality silk brushed scarf is soft and close to the skin. For consumers, the simplest and straightforward method of identification is to use fire. If mulberry silk is used as raw material, it will smell bad when burned, it will be difficult to continue burning, it will self-extinguish, and the ash will be powdery. The chemical fiber products are refined from petroleum. When burned, they will form a ball, and at the same time, there is no protein smell when burning. Cashmere burns like silk, and only needs to be seen by the naked eye to distinguish between the two.