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Handkerchief scarf

Jan 25, 2019

Handkerchiefs are the most delicate scarves, and the prints are often filled with mini-story stories, making the wearer easy to fall in love with his own story.

Look1: Triangle knot

With a little bit of childishness. It is too close to the face and can brighten the face.

Method: fold into a triangle, then knot, and finally adjust the knot to the position behind the neck.


Look2: Sailor knot

Full of sailor knots in the direction of the far direction, suitable for the true style of travel. On the seaside in Nice, if there is no such a small kerchief with a sailor knot, how cool is my ginger shirt.

System method: The silk scarf is folded into a triangle, the bottom edge is slightly folded inward, hung around the neck, and the knot is flattened. The position can be up and down to see the mood of the day.


Look3: small bow

This is the most common method of handkerchiefs. When the clothes are too elegant, it is a small scarf that echoes the color, which can add a holiday and a playful look.

Method: Spread the small silk scars along the diagonal line, then tie a knot between the necks at will, and then adjust the position according to the mood of the day.


Look4: anti-wear

When wearing a halter, you can reverse a small silk scarf to prevent cold and add a touch of tropical flavor.

Method: Folded into strips, first fastened on the chest, then reversed to the back.