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Football scarf tradition

Aug 10, 2018

The hand in hand football scarf, made with love for your favourite team. Perfect merch for the next friedly or international game, custom made with your design, text, logo. Choose colors and create the scarf of your dreams.

Add to this design: your logo, photo, text, crest or pattern

Edit colors for this design, choose from the yarn palette displayed

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Football scarf specs

Custom soccer / football scarf, high quality jacquard knit

Football scarf tradition made to order with your custom design, text, logo

Design is knitted in the scarf, it is NOT printed or embroidered.

Material: 100% soft acrylic yarn

Colors: up to 5 colors per scarf, pick your colors from the palette with 22 colors

Double knit, front/backside can have different design / text / colors, at no extra charge. Only restriction is maximum 5 colors in the whole scarf.

Fringes / tassles on both ends, due to the way the scarf is knitted, fringes are always made from ALL colors used in the scarf.